Japan Container Logistics

Related Services

Apart from our main services, there are also other related services from JCL that you can avail of. These related services will cater to your concerns about shipping and foreign trade.

1) Accredited 3PL connections

As a company that primarily reviews logistical procedures for the sake of foreign trade policies as well as effectiveness, we do more than just evaluate. If, upon evaluation, we find that there are actually better ways to get the job done, we will gladly connect you with any one of our accredited third party logistics companies. Rest assured that these companies come from the same mold and culture of excellence as JCL, which means whatever the shipment may be, it’s in good hands, literally.

2) Affiliations with other countries for foreign network building

JCL is a company that is not just limited to Japan. As you have probably already gleaned from this website, JCL is world-class. Because of this, once you choose to do your business with us, we can give you the assurance that we will be more than glad to get you affiliated with other logistics companies all over the world, which basically means that, as far as your business is concerned, you will have a wider reach for your network.

3) Effective feedback system

If there’s one thing that we value in JCL, it is the feedback and evaluation of our clients and partners. You see, we consider ourselves as a company that specializes in giving feedback. For us, feedback is what we provide especially when you ask us to review your logistical procedures. And needless to say, such feedback helps you, doesn’t it?

It is precisely from this principle of feedback as helpful that we also hope to get it from you. We have devised a feedback system that will be activated once we are finished in the business transaction which we have set out to do. With this system, you can take the liberty to tell us if we have indeed contributed to your company’s growth or not.

With these services, JCL hopes to be your partner and provider of the most substantive reviews of logistical and shipment processes, in Japan and beyond.